Hello, I‘m Albert Bartel. After studying visual communication I work as a communication designer since the year 2000, based in Münster, Germany.

I have the focus on communication for business as well as on book design (gift books, fine stationery, learning materials) for publishers.

You may know me from instagram, too:

Dear instagram-contacts,

I am working on a project with the working title „Zuhause / Home“ (Heimat / Homeland). My idea is to create a magazine witch presents various artists, designers, photographers etc. who aswer two or three questions on the subject „home/homeland“. I will ask you making some of yours artwort/illustations/photographs available, too.

Each artist/designer/photographer will be presented on a double (or sometimes) on a single side. As the budget of this project is real low, I can only credit you by naming your name and contact possibilities as well as by sending a documentary copy of the final magazine.

Furthermore it will be sponsored by the company IGEPA (producer of printing papers who gives 15–20 (!) various fine printing papers) and a printing house I have still to find. From that reason the magazine will be distributed to advertising agencies, design offices, art buyers of agencies etc. so maybe someone will be interested in your work :-)

Witch informations about you and witch artwort/illustations/photographs you will allow to print – all this is on your decision! I ask you for permission (copyright) only for this project (and the promotion of it).

I would be glad, if you have fun to join this project/magazine! In that case I send you the interview questions and an dropbox possibility to send me your work as files. Please take the highest resolution you have.
The basic language of the magazine will be German. Text from English speaking people will also be published in English without translation. If someone speaks an other language e.g. Japanese, and will send the answer in both English and native language, I will also publish both, of course. An PDF for correction will be exchanged ;-)

With kindly regard from the city of Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Sculpture Projects Münster 2017.

Albert Bartel

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